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Warren Skaaren Environmental Learning Center at Westcave Preserve DETAILS [ON/OFF]

The purpose of the Warren Skaaren Environmental Learning Center at Westcave Preserve is to serve as a wilderness classroom in an established preserve in Central Texas.

The building design is flexible and can accommodate large school groups of 150+ children and normal visitor groups of 1-10 people. It serves as an efficient classroom for the large school groups by providing standard teaching tools such as computers, projection screens, marker boards, tack boards, and exhibit walls while making a space that feels like it is connected to the outdoors and open to the surrounding preserve.

Most importantly, the building creates an awareness of the basic environmental systems that we live within. The educational challenge of environmental learning is to simplify the complexities of the natural sciences and ecology to their basic components; air quality, water quality, protection of the soil and the conservation of energy. As such the design of the structure was conceived as a 3 dimensional textbook, a framework for analogies between building materials and systems and how they mimic or model natural systems.

University Federal Credit Union: Ben White Branch DETAILS [ON/OFF]

The UFCU Ben White Branch was designed to be a model of the “green” mission of the credit union. The building accomplishes this through its site-specific approach that addresses issues such as orientation, type and location of glass, shading, landscaping, etc.

All of these considerations help make the facility a comfortable branch credit union. Customers enter through a landscaped outdoor courtyard into an open, airy and inviting lobby, which is organized to facilitate customer comfort and efficient use.

Careful consideration of sustainable construction materials and methods garnered the project a 5-Star Rating from the Austin Energy ® Green Building program, which is the program’s highest possible rating.

Lake Austin Spa Resort: Lake House Spa DETAILS [ON/OFF]

The “Lake House Spa” building is a two story spa treatment facility with both indoor and outdoor treatment areas. Many of the interior spaces are physically and visually connected to the exterior landscape to reinforce one’s connection to nature. Screened porches on the second floor capture lake views and southern breezes. The “Pool Barn” houses a lap pool for all seasons and recalls the simple barn forms of the area. Sustainable features are incorporated throughout the project, including large overhangs, local stone and day lighting.

CARTS: Georgetown Station DETAILS [ON/OFF]

The Georgetown Station project for the Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS) is an innovative model for a low impact mass transit center that hopes to inspire the use of public transportation and responsible energy use. Strategically located on a highly visible piece of land, formerly the Georgetown dump along IH-35, the station uses its site to demonstrate what can be accomplished through the use of renewable resources and reused materials. The project uses a 24.2 kW rooftop mounted photovoltaic system along with a 60-foot tall 2.4 kW wind turbine to generate its electric power. An 11,000-gallon cistern harvests rainwater to irrigate the landscape. Two electric vehicle charging stations are installed for public use.

Grace Chapel at St. Mark's Episcopal Church DETAILS [ON/OFF]

The central idea for the chapel was a dynamic space that interacted with the courtyard outside to provide a spiritual experience involving light and the abundant nature around the site. Natural materials such as stone, exposed wood beams and ceiling, and a clay tile floor enhance the relationship with the courtyard. The courtyard also provides separation and privacy from the surrounding neighborhood. The design allows for the seating to function in several different configurations around a speaker. Offices, a classroom and an outdoor deck were also parts of the program.

Parque Zaragoza Recreation Center DETAILS [ON/OFF]

The project comprised of new construction of a 17,000 s.f. Multi-Purpose Community Center and Gym. The central idea was to create a link, or a ‘bridge’, between the interior activities and the park. The Bridge Room was designed to serve as a pathway connecting each side of the park.

Completed as part of the joint venture firm: Robert Jackson/Emily Little Joint Venture Architects.

Schlumberger: Austin Systems Center DETAILS [ON/OFF]

New construction of a 200,000 s.f. campus. The campus plan includes six buildings which are linked with a grand gallery/walkway called “The Broad Way.” The Broad Way forms a tall, vine-covered pergola as a sheltered connection between buildings on the exterior. The interior space is roofed with glass providing natural light for interior bamboo and palm trees. The Broad Way contains all central facilities for each building and serves as a gathering place encouraging the intermix between employees.

Completed as part of the Barnstone/Jackson Joint Venture

Robertson Building DETAILS [ON/OFF]

This 3-story Building built in 1893 had been covered with a pink stucco framework that projected 18” outside the surface. We restored the exterior facades using historic photos to resurrect the building to its former beauty.

The concept of the interior was to return the sidewalk back into the building, creating small retail shops along a narrow “interior alley.” A 3-story interior court was designed to bring natural light back into the heart of the long, narrow building shell. The court creates its own “street view” for surrounding lease spaces and circulation core

CARTS: San Marcos Station DETAILS [ON/OFF]

The San Marcos Station for Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS) is an intermodal transit station with 3,350 s.f. indoor and 2,400 s.f. covered waiting. The facility was designed with the ability to handle 6 different transportation providers including San Marcos Transit buses, CARTS regional and metropolitan bus systems, Greyhound buses, Amtrak trains, and is located to intercept the Austin/San Antonio regional rail system should that mode develop.

Completed as part of the Jackson/Little/McCann Joint Venture.

K-VUE TV Newsroom Addition DETAILS [ON/OFF]

New addition of 10,000 s.f. and 9,000 s.f. remodel to the existing newsroom; 2,000 s.f. remodel of the existing station. The driving force behind much of the remodeled scope of work was the desire to correct the maze-like circulation and upgrade all of the departments. A new broadcast set was designed and completed in 1994. The set is still being used and remains a simple, clean, sculptural format where the news anchors are framed in clean, portrait-type backgrounds.

University Federal Credit Union: New Branches DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Austin & Round Rock, Texas

Legacy Plaza DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Goldthwaite, Texas

Meridiana Recreation Center DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Manvel, Texas

Dahlstrom Event & Nature Center DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Buda, Texas

Driftwood Development DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Driftwood, Texas

Blackacre Conservancy DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Louisville, Kentucky

Pioneer Bank Headquarters DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Dripping Springs, Texas

Highpointe Amenities Center DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Dripping Springs, Texas

Sweetish Hill Bakery & Cafe DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Austin, Texas

Daemmrich Photography Studio DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Austin, Texas

Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Spicewood, Texas

Texas.NetData Center DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Austin, Texas

EMS Station #14 DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Austin, Texas

5th & Lamar Retail DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Austin, Texas

Capital Area Rural Transportation System Headquarters DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Austin, Texas

Hurst Harbo Floating Restaurant/Store DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Austin, Texas

1105 North Lamar Retail/Offices DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Austin, Texas

Spring Bluff Center Office/Retail DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Dripping Springs, Texas

Lakeway Activity Center DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Lakeway, Texas

Gallery Offices on West 6th DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Austin, Texas

Cohn Building Retail DETAILS [ON/OFF]

Austin, Texas